Funky Town

Funkytown is a Burning Man sound camp - made up of movers and makers from Montana, Colorado, California, New York, and beyond. Funkin' it up since 2005 


We ain't got no sugar daddies round these parts. We run purely off the camp dues of our fearless funkers. That cover's our transportation, sound, bar, art - you name it. Raising additional funds will allow us to purchase some much needed supplies to make things run smoother, shine brighter, climb higher, and look funkier than ever before! 

We're trying something new this year with our funky swag! One thing to note is that returns are a total pain in the bungholio, so double check your size! Contact if you need any help! 

We welcome additional donations of any size via Paypal at
*remember to send as "Send Money to Friends & Family" since it's a donation and not a good or service